Show and Tell 6


H. qui renverse son sac de blocs

This is H. , my nephew. The only kid in our family. Well, on my mom’s and my biodad’s side. He will be 2 in March and he’s adorable. I don’t get to see him often because My Sister lives far away…a 40$ bus ride away.

I’m not showing any faces on my blog. That’s why you see him from back. This is Christmas morning. You see gifts but they will be given at my aunt’s place. The big exchange was on the 24th. H. is once again turning the lego blocks bag upside down.

I like looking at this picture.

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4 réponses à “Show and Tell 6

  1. dragondreamermom

    What a n adorable pic. My youngest loves to dump the lego blocks too.

  2. xj2608

    There is apparently nothing better than spreading Legos far and wide. Joining them into structures pales in comparison to throwing them around the room.

    I love his pajamas!

  3. Ali

    lego..what a wonderful toy !

    Great Picture🙂