Show and Tell 5

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Where is aunt Flo ? I’m two weeks late.

I decided to do a test because to my body, a test is like a « go » button. Like opening a book or looking for something in your bag…and then the metro finally arrives.

I knew it wouldn’t be positive but…two weeks late. By next month, next period, I should stop worrying so much. Or hoping. Eventually I will stop thinking about it each month and just…go with the flow. Right?

Another one...will I ever get used to being late ?


10 réflexions sur “Show and Tell 5

  1. dragondreamermom dit :

    It just isn’t fair when our bodies play games with us.

    BTW, the link to your blog isn’t correct in the Show & Tell list.

  2. petrichoric dit :

    But are you really trying to get pregnant? I knew you wanted kids, but I didn’t think you were actually trying right now!

    Oh, happy new year, by the way!

    • pandabox33 dit :

      I’m not even trying yet, that’s why it’s so frustrating. I’m late almost every month. Argh. We are careful.

      Happy new year to you too !

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