• A Anovulants, not taking anymore
  • B Baking, I love baking. My family received my cookies and loaves with joy yesterday. I was surprised and pleased.
  • C Condoms, our birth control…should check if we have some hidden somewhere.
  • D Dates, phew it’s over. Now I have dates with my boyfriend
  • E Ever…never, forever, absolutes I want to stop using
  • F Flo, waiting for the visit of Aunt Flo
  • G G. the name of my cat ! I love my cat!
  • H H. My nephew, lovable, cute, adorable
  • I Instruments of torture : toys that make noise. My nephew got a Black and Decker Junior tool set and table. Arg, boum boum boum
  • J J-L, my wonderful boyfriend
  • K Kids, we want some
  • L Love, I finally found someone great to love and he loves me back
  • M M.M. Should I still wait for her ? Friendship shouldn’t be so frustrating. We’re supposed to see each other since the month of October
  • N Nose. Arg. I am using Hyfdrasense so I can blow my nose which has been stuffy since September.
  • O Out of my league. My mom gave me a recipe book. Absolutely beautiful but it is soooo out of my range ! I have to look more closely so I can adapt the recipes to do it simple.
  • P Period. Still waiting for it at the moment.
  • Q Q-tips…one of the reasons my ears are blocked.
  • R Rogers, Carl. The father of phenomenology, one of the currents of psychology I chose in my class on psych of personality
  • S Skinner, one of the fathers of the psych of learning (conditioning, stimuli, responses)
  • T Thinking, my brain won’t stop thinking
  • U Uterus, warped. Osteopaths tell me my uterus is crooked, my hips are not aligned
  • V Vagina Monologues, the best book I read…well one of them.
  • W Wynd, my last name, a favorite letter because of it
  • X X, 10 in roman numbers. The approximate number of guests I will have tomorrow night.
  • Y Y.B. I wonder what is going on with him.
  • Z Zumba,  my favorite class at the Y !!

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