Show and Tell 4

Today for Show and Tell I am presenting my cat ! I can’t say his name because if someone I know sees this post they’re going to put 2 and 2 together. My cat looks like many others so people will just think it’s a cat and not my cat. He’s a minor celebrity, you know.

Pleaaaase open the door !

People at work know of him and talk of him as a reference compared to other cats. And people in the neighborhood have different names for him because he is known and they know he lives with me but they don’t know if he’s male or female and what his name is. If they leave doors opened he’s going to come in and sleep in your closet or eat your dog and cat food. He’s going to sleep on your chair and guard your stairs.

King of the freezer

I whistle to call him when he’s outside and he comes running when he’s not busy scaring the bejeezus out of another cat. Lately my boyfriend and I have seen something  funny when we whistle for him…other cats run away. Where we live, there are many many strays. In the summer when I get up I can see at least 3 cats in the alley from my window. So when we whistle, cats run from our stairs, from under cars, from our neighbors’ lawn…we find this very funny.

Planning to conquer the world

Planning to conquer the world

His territory covers the whole alley behind the block, the front of the block and the other side of the street. I have only seen him afraid of one cat. This cat was a stray that liked to stay on the front porch because of my downstairs neighbor’s cat food. I would go to work and he would be there, same thing when I came back. He just wouldn’t budge and my cat couldn’t make him go away. It’s the only time I could see him feeling scared or really not at ease with something (apart if other cats are in the house). He wouldn’t go out of the house through the front door. Then he came back home one day and he had been fighting and the other cat was gone.

Oh my cat came living with me after being treated badly by his previous owner who was depressed and smoking crack. He would forget the cat was outside at minus 30. He was already neutered. He makes noises or does confetti with something to express his need to go out or his need for attention because he can’t meow. It took him a year and a half to purr and more than that to purr normally without sounding like a rusted metal part.

I just loooooooove this cat.

To see what the other participants are up to click on the link for Show and Tell at the left in the frame. Mel usually posts her Show and Tell later in the day. It’s now 4 o’clock in the morning so I doubt Mel is posting anything right now…


12 réflexions sur “Show and Tell 4

  1. wistfulgirl dit :

    He’s a beautiful cat! Sounds like he rules the neighbourhood as well 😀 I’m glad he found you and now has an owner who loves him 😀

    • pandabox33 dit :

      He sure does rule ! The house, the porch, the whole neighborhood. He’s a lovable and affectionate cat. 🙂

  2. manapan dit :

    I’ve never met a kitty that couldn’t meow. Poor little thing. I’m glad he has a nice home with you now. He has gorgeous coloration, too.

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