Noël en famille

Arg je fais la danse du bacon en avance. Faire la danse du bacon c’est se lancer par terre en convulsion, l’écume aux lèvres, les yeux qui roulent dans la tête.

Noël en famille me fait grincer des dents. En plus, je les ai vus plusieurs fois depuis le mois de novembre. Je m’ennuie presque du temps où je n’allais pas aux réunions de famille.

I’m doing the bacon danse in advance : pitching myself on the floor in convulsions, eyes rolling in my head.

Christmas with family makes me grind my teeth. I have already seen them since November, it should be enough, right ? I miss the period when I didn’t see them.

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  1. The bacon dance sounds so fun! Not. I hope you find some balance for your Christmas. I know it’s hard, but it’s only a few times a year…right?

    Happy ICLW.

  2. There are certain members of my family whom, I think , seeing once a year is too much. My situation is actually worse, when they come to visit, they stay weeks. ARGH…

    • pandabox33

      Oh my, your situation IS worse ! I don’t think I could be with any of my family members for weeks or even days. Even my little sister, my favorite, I don’t think I could stand her longer than a few days. And I do love her tremendously ! Funny how we can spend time with friends but have difficulty with family. It’s a case of you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friend, I think. Thanks for your comment.