Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon

Last night I made Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon…and then decided to do it Martha Stewart-and-me style. It took too much time and it took too many pans. So I used the slow cooker and it smelled great this morning when I woke up.

It is quite expensive to make…and you really have to look for your ingredients if like me you have allergies to monosodium glutamate. I hesitated 5 full minutes in front of the bouillon shelf. Bovril ? Glutamate. Aurora ? Glutamate. Campbell’s ? Glutamate. Oh damn, I had the choice of paying 6 dollars for vegetarian bouillon (what the heck ? there’s no beef in that) and another 6$ bouillon called « Better than bouillon beef base » which I chose. The ingredients start with roasted beef with concentrated beef stock.

The small onions sre only in six dollars packet and the meat…well, no specials on meat. I had to drop the price a bit so I didn’t buy 3 pounds and chose a mix of pork and beef. And Julia Child’s recipe calls for a pound of mushrooms.

I never worked so quickly and so assuredly with meat. Having read the recipe at least five times and having watched her on Youtube, I knew the right heat, what to do with the butter etc.

Today is our Christmas lunch at work so no boeuf bourguignon in my lunch. Tonight.

I don’t have Julia Child’s books so I took the recipe here : http://cooking.knopfdoubleday.com/2009/07/13/julia-childs-boeuf-bourguignon-recipe/


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    • pandabox33 dit :

      We don’t have kosher bouillon except in Mile End maybe. Mile-End is considered a ghetto. Most Montreal Jews live there (don’t know why) and there are many specialty stores. The specialty stores around here and the grocery stores don’t have many kosher items if at all in verdun and downtown Montreal.

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