Where is Julia ?

I saw Julie and Julia this weekend. I loved it ! Even my boyfriend thought it was funny. I have since developed a fascination about Julia Child…we have looked up her books on Indigo and looked up videos on Youtube. I was shocked that she really had that voice ! And I was fascinated by her omelette seeing as I sabotage mine everytime by making it too full of vegetables and cheese.

Yesterday, we were grocery shopping and I would say over and over Boeuf bourgignon which cracked me up because Julia said it with a hot potato in her mouth and it makes it sound like bouf bourguignonne. Bouf bourguignonne, bouf bourguignonnnnneeee.

This morning I looked for her on Youtube and couldn’t find what I wanted…the weird chicken incident. I see allusions to it everywhere but can’t find it. Oh well. I’m listening to Gwen Stefani instead.

I love her way of saying Bon appétit making it sound like bonne appétite. Bonne appétite everyone !

Oh I wonder if I can find her books and some videos over at la Grande Bibliothèque…


Une réflexion sur “Where is Julia ?

  1. Ha! She was such an effervescent personality! My older brother and I would watch her on public television and imitate her beating chicken cutlets into submission. I didn’t care for the book very much, but look forward to seeing the film. So glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    Happy cooking and bon/ne appetit/e!

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