Little pills

So much for taking no medication ! For two years I have been taking no medication for bipolar illness. I only had the birth control pill. Then I stopped that.

A couple of months ago I started taking cranberry complex, and folic acid. They are in a basket on my kitchen table accompanied by every Motrin and Advil bottle of the house for my migraines. And now in that basket, there are Sabalia and Coryzalia homeopathic pills.

Suddenly, I feel like a granny with all those pills. Hehe


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  1. I felt that way at one point. And I felt worse when I had to do daily shots. I felt like a drug addict, doing 3 different injectable meds a night!!


  2. so we can be two grannies blogging, lol, because i have aleve bottles all over the house for my migraines and my meds for bippolar and depression are sitting in a dark drawer shame oin me, i know, lol.

    sending you ICLW hugs!

  3. HAve you sought the advice of your doc about going off your meds?

    I have family history of bipolar (not me, my father, my sister, FIL)

    Please as I ICLW…. consider discussing w/your doc.

    My sister when she is off meds is OTT but does not even know it.

    Blessings to you for the new year…

    • pandabox33 dit :

      Thank you for your concern and your comment. Oh yes I had doctor approval. All the years I was taking medication I have never stopped and I changed with doctor supervision. When I went off it was a suggestion from the therapist because I had no access to my emotions and could not work properly in therapy. Since I had started therapy, everything calmed down tremendously. I had been stable for years but had PTSD and was depressed a bit and then everything became calmer. The psychiatrist also knew I was stopping. When I stopped the meds, nothing changed (no highs or downs) except that I eat more, I’m more tired and I have more emotions than I when I was taking them. I accept those emotions. I think it’s okay to be sad or happy instead of keeping it inside and then exploding.

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