Show and Tell 3

Carte ramenée de Halifax pour J-L

Today for Show and Tell, I am showing my billboard which I adore. It is in my kitchen and is amply decorated, n’est-ce pas.

The card I photographed was brought back by me from Halifax for my boyfriend. It just made me think of us. You can also see quotes and other cards I really like around the billboard and on it.

I put my YMCA schedule, phone numbers, my calendar and every souvenir my penpal L. sends me from her trips.  There are silver pendants, a necklace I will never wear, pins, butterfly shaped tacks, an angel, keychains, Christmas decorations (the few I have) and Christmas cards are also displayed. There is also a photograph my boyfriend took in a dépanneur on Ste Catherine street. He has won 3rd place in a contest with this photo.

I think my billboard brings life into my kitchen and also shows the chaos…a bit like my writing spot with books and magazines all over the place. My fridge is the same. Full of magnets, pictures, and notes.

The idea for Show and Tell comes from Mel
. Just click on Show and Tell on the left frame ! And if you know how I can put a link here that is an underlined word, please tell me how to do it. Thank you! (Well I tried but it’s not linking…)

Babillard dans la cuisine

Babillard décoré pour Noël

Cartes et citations


12 réflexions sur “Show and Tell 3

  1. Quiet Dreams dit :

    I love your bulletin board! I love the beauty in chaos.

    Since you’re in WordPress, I know how to answer your question. To put a link in a post, when you’re writing the post, highlight the words that you want to link, and click on the little symbol that looks like a chain connected (right next to the one that looks like a broken chain). You have to have something highlighted for them to be accessible. When you click on it, a box will come up. You put the url in the first line (it’s pretty self explanatory). If you ever want to take the link away for some reason, highlight your linked word and click on the « broken chain » icon.

    I probably wasn’t using correct terminology, but I hope that I was understandable. Hope that helps.

  2. bestlight dit :

    I feel like I’m enjoying a cup of coffee with you in your kitchen!

    I like that card very much.

  3. petrichoric dit :

    Look at you! I’ve only been gone for a short while and you have a zillion new blog friends! I don’t know how you find the time to « meet » so many people. I wish I could do it.

    I love your show and tell idea. I know it’s only a billboard but it’s nice to have a little window into your world.

    • pandabox33 dit :

      You’re aliiiiiiiiiive !! What a nice surprise !

      I « meet » them thanks to Show and Tell and IComLeavWe. I also registered at BlogHer. I’m exploring the vast blogosphere. Haven’t quite finished exploring yet, there seems to be lots to see…go figure. 🙂

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