Where am I ?

I stopped the pill last summer because I had to be tested for premenopause. I was so scared it was my time and that I wouldn’t be able to have kids. Anyway. I stopped the pill for 2 weeks and my boyfriend and I decided not to take it anymore.

Since then it has been…well…I don’t know how to describe it. « Where am I? » is best. Eventually somewhere in the month I ask myself « what day is this? is it soon? ».

Then I look around for my calendar, my agenda, last month’s page of the calendar where I wrote when my last period started…then I count the days. Then I see I’m late. After two cycles, my body decided « Wouhou, let’s give her some action ! No pill ? No regular cycle ! ». We use condoms and my boyfriend has an incredible track record for unbroken condoms so I’m never afraid I’m pregnant until…I’m 10 days late.

So it’s one of those mornings when my head asks « where am I? ». Where is my agenda ?


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