Attention to all people baking their gifts !

Cakes and loaves by Ilona Chovancova ISBN 9781552859544

I borrowed this book from the library and it is full of great ideas ! It’s much much more than banana bread. The book is sold in bookstores, I checked. I am not paid to do advertisement.

I’m planning on baking the two-olives bread and the black and green. I haven’t finished looking through and already I want to buy the book. There is also a section on sweet breads. But it is the cheese, ham, olives, herbs, spices that caught my attention.

They seem easy to do and they don’t require tons of fancy ingredients.

Just wanted to share with you.

Je n’ai pas écrit ce billet en français parce que la majorité des francophones n’utilisent pas de livres de recettes en anglais. Si vous avez été capables de lire ce que j’ai écrit en anglais, eh bien, ce livre est facile à comprendre.


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