Show and Tell 2


Biscuits au chocolat blanc, canneberges et pistaches

It is finally snowing !! We are having a snowstorm !! I have hope Christmas in Montreal will be white…or grey, whatever. There will be snow. I am listening to Christmas music through Itunes, and I am looking through a window many desks from  mine : we don’t see between the buildings. The sky is white. So cool.

For my Show and Tell, I show you a batch of cookies I baked for Christmas gifts : white chocolate, cranberries and pistachios.

I adapted the original recipe for Felix & Norton cookies which calls for pieces of chocolate. They look lovely and taste great. I cut half the sugar but it has all the fat.🙂 What is the point of baking for Christmas gifts if there is no fat or no sugar at all ? Tsk.

My batch is now in the freezer in good company : pumpkin and chocolate squares, pumpkin bread, pear and ginger bread, brownies, sucre à la crème, pecan tarts and ting-a-lings. My picture of ting-a-lings was not good enough to post it but they are little cornflakes-butterscotch-peanut butter-peanuts rocks and they’re easy to make and great to eat.

Bon appétit ! Oops, I gained five pounds writing this.

You can go on the site of the Show and Tell by clicking on the link on my sidebar or go and comment on Mel’s Show and Tell for this wek : Isn’ it a great idea ?

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  1. I too gained 5 pounds just by reading your post.

    Have a wonderful day. Thank you for such an appetizing post.

    Gerardine Baugh

  2. oneladyintheworld

    ça me semble cochon

  3. They look delicious! I now feel the urge to go and do some baking.

  4. Jingle

    yummy cookies, it makes my mouth watery.

    Happy Friday and Everyday!