Show and Tell 1

For this first Show and Tell, I am presenting my « writing station ». I spend most of time sitting there reading and writing for my psych class. Or on the internet procrastinating as I am doing now.

Mac, tea, psychology

So you can see my Mac. The hamster powering it is hidden to preserve his identity on the net. A Debbie Travis placemat. Debbie Travis is our Canadian Martha Stewart, kind of. My notebook already full even though we’re only at half of the semester. And my very nice tea mug, it’s a Rose of England tea cup. I can only find them at Winners. The company doesn’t even have a website. This one was given to me by my friend C. and it made me very happy because I knew she looked for it and thought about this gift a lot. The tea pot was given to me by my boyfriend last Christmas. I’m using it all the time. I love drinking tea while doing my homework…which I’m supposed to do at the moment.

Oh well, I’ll go finish writing my essay on the structure, processus and growth and development of the theory of phenomenology and the theory of personality based on learning.

The wonderful idea of Show and Tell comes from here :

I don’t know how to just show a link-word so…you know, a word that is a link ? Anyway…one day I’ll find out about how to do it. Right now I have to flirt with Rogers, Skinner, Pavlov…

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