Rêve avec des Oeufs encore et le beau P.R.

27 avril 2008

I dreamed I was masturbating with my eggs (the gadget, not the white and yellow eggs) in a bed, door closed. But I was hearing people I know talking about something.

While I was lying down, eyes closed, asleep, I felt someone sitting on my bed and it was the beautiful and muscled P.R. It was hot and humid, too much for him so I knew he wouldn’t stay.

He said « it’s me, the beautiful P., I know you want me ». I opened my eyes, I smiled and I got back to sleep. I think I said « Not really ».He sniffed my neck, my breasts « you smell good but not right now » he said.

I put his strong arms  under my head to have a better pillow.

« I can’t stay » he said. I kissed him and got back to sleep. I think he went away.

The therapist said it was spring and I wanted more affection than sex. Also, I was living my sex life in my dreams. Wow. What a sex life. Couldn’t help but laugh.