What is friendship for ? Right ? True friends, happiness together, hands in hands in the sunset…

  • At least there is someone you can be yourself with
  • You can talk about everything and anything
  • You can call this person at any hour, day or night
  • The friend listens without judging and without trying to « repair »
  • Silence is comfortable
  • This person knows your secrets
  • A friend remembers your stories
  • The friend doesn’t take your moods personal
  • You can eat like a pig in their company
  • And laugh like a hyena
  • Your friend will not humiliate you
  • You can tell the person that something makes you uncomfortable or that you don’t like what’s going on
  • The friend will take your side
  • A friend will alloy you to take things in the fridge or take a shower
  • A true friend asks how you are doing and listens and asks questions
  • A friend will allow you to have your own life, your own interests
  • This friend will not put you aside for a love interest
  • The friend will keep his engagements

Friends happen for a reason. Some friends are met at school or work, they are convenient. Some friends have the same interests as you. Some friends are at the same place in life. Some of them simply remind you of a parent (oh those crazy psychological patterns).

What is to be said for friends who don’t allow you to be yourself and express your feelings ? Friends who don’t care enough to ask what’s wrong ? Or friends you keep while you know they’re not at the same place as you ? Friends you have nothing in common with or very little ? And when you don’t trust people at work, you don’t go to school or have board meetings or whatever, where do you meet new friends ?


2 réflexions sur “L’amitié

  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    Si seulement tous mes amis étaient comme toi, ça serait génial, mais bon faut pas chialer au moins j’ai la chance de t’avoir, fais moi signe si tu ouvres une école pour former des amis comme toi

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