Liste de reconnaissance

Écrit en octobre 2007, avant d’arrêter les médicaments.

  • Toblerone comes on sale once in a while and is cheaper at IGA than pharmacies
  • My cat sleeps with me almost every night
  • I cook well
  • I am innovative
  • I have good ideas
  • I like reading so I am almost never bored
  • I’m not afraid of insects, dogs, and many other living things anymore
  • I scream louder than my dad now
  • The sun may redden my skin but it also heats me up and I like it
  • My apartment is all to myself
  • My ex-roommate will eventually rot away
  • Writing is so much funner in this blog than anywhere else
  • My colleagues at work are nice
  • Watching cute guys is fun
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee, how could I live without it before
  • Music, dancing, moving to the beat wakes me up, makes things brighter
  • Step classes and all classes make me more in tune with my body
  • Being able to wear almost anything I want
  • My ability to learn and assimilate data
  • I feel better than I felt in 2005
  • Autumn leaves are beautiful on the ground and make a charming noise
  • I can see my friend when I like on weekends
  • I have no problem attracting males, just trouble attracting the right ones…
  • Discovering new flavors, new restaurants
  • Spices
  • Aromatherapy
  • Scents of vanilla, lilac, lavender
  • I live in Montreal
  • I don’t need much. I don’t need the newest electronics, new couch, new floors, etc.
  • I listen better than I did
  • My thumb is greener than it used to be
Cupcake de chez Itsy Bitsy

Cupcake de chez Itsy Bitsy