Pâques 2008 : Le chemin de croix du chocolat

Aaaah. Easter !

The smell of chocolate is in the air, the bells are ringing, it’s time to cook roast or duck or eat from a buffet standing…Jesus est ressuscité…

Friday I did my chocolate walk, painting the town Brown. I went to my favorite chocolate places and bought LOTS of chocolate. Milk, dark, expensive and cheap. When I came home…I couldn’t resist !! I had to taste.

Oups ! I finished a milk chocolate bunny of high quality. I broke a dark chocolate egg and tasted it. Yesterday, I devoured a cheap, very good nonetheless, chicken with pink eyes. Started by crushing the head and eating an eye, than the rest of the head and all the rest.

Today, I almost ate all my dark chocolate egg. There is still a bit left. I still have a box of very nice chocolates to taste : ginger, rosemary, coffee… I looooove Easter ! 🙂 No chocolate is so bad that it can’t be eaten. Almost.