Ma généraliste

I have a doctor that never thinks anything is problematic. Infection ? It will pass. Weird mole ? Surely benign but it’s mostly nothing. Symptoms that are never going away ? Come back with an illness or something serious.

So I got my paper to see a dermatologist. But all the symptoms that I have since 2007 point to nothing. So I’ll just have to suffer until it’s unbearable…or continue with the acuuncture and the osteopathy to make me feel better. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The only sign of alarm I heard was concerning my weight. I do eat five portions and more of vegetables and fruits. I haven’t eaten chips in a week and I eat dark chocolate instead of milk. I eat three meals a day. Nothing is wrong with my diet. Well…maybe that getting breakfast at the restaurant two times a week is a bit much.

Argh. I don’t want to count calories.