Juillet 1986 : J’ai enfin appris à nager

My little sister was two years-old and wore swim aids and so did I at twelve years-old. I was embarrassed but I was so scared of water…Of course the Duchess already knew how to swim and dive, she even took classes. Ungh.

Sometimes I wonder if I had autism or something, I learned everything way later than other kids. Skating, biking, swimming, reading, writing, counting…One day it just started to unblock and slowly but regularly something would start to pop into place. It was a one shot deal. One day I wouldn’t be able to and the next I could.

So, back to swimming.

It was hot. We didn’t have a swimming pool but we could go to Estelle’s. Everyone had been trying to show me how to swim for years. Nada. There was maybe a billion kids in the pool and I was there with my blue one piece-suit, my swim aids and a lightly panicked expression on the side of the pool. I was gripping the side while the kids were jumping, swimming, doing the mermaid and all those neat things they can do.

As usual, I did my thing while no one looked. I took one swim aid off. I just did a couple of strokes doggie-style. Wasn’t too bad. Checked around that noone was looking. Took the other off and gulped a couple of gallons of water, couldn’t find the bottom, panicked a bit, didn’t say a word, looked around, okay. Tried the doggie again. My feet didn’t really lift but they didn’t touch the bottom either so it counted. So I swam around the pool until someone noticed and di a big fuss.

I blushed, almost cried, but was proud of myself. Estelle who was checking everyone from the patio had already called my maman.

Mom came at Estelle’s to watch me swim a bit. She told me she had said to everyone not to bother me, leave me alone and stop teasing me, I would do it when I was ready. She was very proud of me.

I’m still afraid of the water but not pools. I could faint watching a lake or walking on ice. But I know how to swiiimmm !!!

Une réflexion sur “Juillet 1986 : J’ai enfin appris à nager

  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    On dirait que j’aurais pu écrire ce récit là, moi aussi j’ai toujours eu peur de l’eau et moi encore pire, j’ai eu plein de cours de natation et jamais j’ai réussi à bien nager, je hais l’eau, je te trouve pas mal bonne d’aimer la piscine

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