Les hormones, le déménagement, les Rice Krispies

I just started work (in fact I started at 9:30 and I have to take my break with everyone, at the same time I mean). I went to the hospital for a blood draw. I should know soon if I’m in premenopause…in my thirties.

I arrived there a bit before 8 and got out at around 9:15. Only one day before the Boyfriend moves in and it’s making me have hot flashes. It’s very exciting. I haven’t wanted to live with anyone in years and I feel claustrophobic with anyone else. It’s a huge move.

What decided me ? Well…he does the dishes and puts the garbage to the road when I ask him. He acts as The Man, putting new batteries in the fire alarm, installing hooks and stuff. Kidding. I just feel serious about him.

My mom gave me cereals she didn’t like because they are too sugary for her. Kind of puffed rice but in flakes with cranberries, they are tasty. But we don’t eat cereal much. So while I was cleaning the pantry (to put Boyfriend’s stuff with my own) I saw at least two packages of marshmallows…expired. I bought a new bag at the grocery store and proceeded to make Rice Kripies treats without the Rice Krispies, and with more cranberries and pistachios. Yummy. Boyfriend is happy, he says it tastes like the granola bars he buys at the store. I told him that the treats were less chemical. I hope I didn’t make him feel judged on his grocery treats… I used to hate the way one of my exes would talk about my choices versus his own, the nutritional values etc. I fear I’m doing the same to my Boyfriend. So I’ll be more attentive to that.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow. I wanted to go to the gym but we have A LOT of work right now and the class I thought of taking is a bootcamp…with jogging. Not something I like so I’ll work later instead to try to just finish this job. Those 1906 titles to verify sure are a hassle. I’m at 1258 and I started days and days ago.