Aérer l’angoisse, péter le bouton

It’s break time at work. I decided to log in to write a bit because I miss it. My days are coming and going with not much being new. Lots of work though.

Yesterday I was a bit hysterical. I’m afraid of so many things and I try to keep every fear at bay because I know I have nothing to worry about, no cause for all these fears. But sometimes I get overwhelmed, I worry, I anticipate the worse. Fortunately, my boyfriend listens and reassures me. I only want to vent, to pop the pimple, to barf it out. Event though I know things are great and will continue this way, I have this reflex of fear.

After this pimple popping experience, I was a bit relieved. And we had a great time. There was no chill between us.

We went to breakfast and this street we were walking on has music. Between opening time and closing time of the shops, they play music. It always gives me the impression I’m in a movie or it just puts me in a good mood. So we danced and sang as we walked. Very few people were out and we had the whole street to ourselves for a couple of blocks.

I can’t believe I didn’t know my boyfriend before we met. I wouldn’t be able to not have him in my life. He’s such a great friend and a wonderful boyfriend, being with him is effortless and so much fun.