Some people just don’t get it

Really. Considering I’m taking on a brand new work life, some people just don’t get that I am nervous. Not because I think I can’t do it. Not because I think I’m not good. Those people have had the same job for decades or they change jobs for another one just like it.

Since I started here (september 2005) I have changed jobs two times, apart from the employees and clientele (professors, teaching assistants, students) everything was different. I haven’t had a desk to myself (as in forever MY desk and not my desk until someone takes the job) in years and years and years. Since 2002, I think.

Since that day in September where I came to work here I have filled three full notebooks with what I have to do, how to do it, forms, etc. So. I think I have the right to be nervous and stressed out by what I have to do next. I mean becoming permanent is a big change from being on contract. And starting a job as library technician in the bunker is another big step from the loan desk or the interlibrary loan office. I am allowed to freak out before I calm down. I think it’s okay for Pete’s sake.