I’m grateful for :

1-The red paperclip for inspiring me

2-Pecan-maple-chocolate at 1.99$

3-A beautiful nose

4-Soon to be ex-colleagues

5-Fish ! the book that told me I was right to expect more from my job, that told me it was okay to have fun at work

6-The most wonderful boyfriend. EVER.

7-Not having a cellphone. Being cellphoneless.

8-Knowing I have funtential somewhere inside me.

9-Hand cream

10-Electricity when it’s -10 celsius soon to be -40

11-Internet so I can cyberstalk

12-Espresso in the morning

13-Work that finishes in 15 minutes


15-A new sushi joint near my workplace

16-Curves. A bit more there, a bit less elsewhere, curves nonetheless.

17-Abs and butt of…steel. Sometimes. When I’m at the gym squatting and crunching.

18-Arms that jiggle a bit less. I can now do 12 pushups. When I’m not tired.

19-A cat that keep me warm at night when the boyfriend’s not there

20-People at work that turned out to be friends

21-Blogging. It helps me vent and say stuff I can’t say to people

22-A sister that lives far away

23-A sister that lives close by

24-Facebook that helps me keep in touch with family in Vancouver and New Zealand, among other places

25-Therapy. I will never say it enough.

26-Saturday mornings at the gym

27-Libraries and interlibrary loan offices that deliver the books I want

28-Email so I don’t have to call people up

29-Anne Shirley, Sara Stanley and other heroines who inspire me and comfort me