Flabbergasted: The chickens have hatched, the bear has been killed

Soooooooo…I went at the lingusitic evaluation service on Monday. It took two hours and everything was done. I was quite nervous, I really wasn’t sure that I had good enough marks to have the job.

WELL, it turns out I had 88% for the part where I corrected sentences (synonyms, verbs, orthograph, syntax etc), an A for the part where I had to write a letter to my boss, and an A- for the oral part. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! So I got the job.

Now the catch will be to be able to do it. It’s completely out of the ballpark compared to what I’ve done so far. Different job, different people, different work environment. Everything happened so fast that the only word I had in my mind these last few days is : Flabbergasted.