Août : La Vérité, les perceptions

In front of us we have a multitude of futures. Every decision and/or action leads us to another future and I guess we rarely go in a straight line from point A to Z. The road is more or less crooked.

I think the same can be said about our perceptions about people or events. What I see is my truth but may not be yours. My truth is not necessarily The Truth. The things you see are your truth, your reality. If I see the same thing, my truth may very well be different from yours.

We have different eyes, we see different things. We have different truths.

When I see someone as they are, you may see only the surface. For an event that I see on a very basic level you may see all the links and undercurrents. Do not doubt that I could see it too. Maybe I choose not to. After all, we can choose our battles and our truths, can’t we ?

Do not doubt either that I see the shifts of power, the undercurrents, motivations of the people in front of me. Sometimes the most basic of grasp can bring more than you think. I don’t need to master something to see where it’s going. I’m not talking interplanetary travel here.

Human beings are basic in their emotions. From the base stems more complex equations. If I see at another level what the person is and you can see only what is in front of you it doesn’ mean that my truth isn’t valid. After all, my truth is my reality.