Dans mes escaliers

Last night I went to the gym after work and did two classes back-to-back hoping I would feel tired enough to sleep through the night. After the second class, I didn’t even change and simply put my day clothes in my bag and headed home.

I was thinking in the lines of a hot shower, a light dinner, some reading, peace and quiet. I was even planning to turn off the phone. I wanted my PJs and I wanted some sleep.

I was taking my time under the rain to arrive at my apartment. And there he was on my stairs waiting for me. Again. He wasn’t so dreamy to me at that moment. Does he take me for granted ? He doesn’t announce himself and just shows up. But I’m tiiireeeeddd.

So I took something out of the freezer for him and made my dinner while he read on my couch. When it was almost ready I asked him to come fix his plate. It bugs me that he just shows up expecting I don’t know what. I’m not a hotel. Usually he shows up, eats or fixes the toilet seat or wants to do his laundry and then goes home. I just may have to ask him *nicely* to call me at work before coming at my place.

Maybe I have the problem. I mean I expect people to ASK if they can come over. He’s my boyfriend. Should I shut my trap and accept everything ? With a smile ? I did smile. I’m happy to see him. I just want him to ask before assuming I’m gonna show up, be there, be free to see him.

Je lui en ai parlé et comme le gars simple qu’il est (une des raisons que je l’aime) il m’a répondu « Okay beauté! ». Ça a enlevé un peu de spontanéité mais ça m’a apporté plus de paix. Bien sûr, en ce moment, nous vivons ensemble. Alors, ce que je lui demande…c’est d’appeler s’il va arriver tard !