Peur de sauter


Is it possible to fear loving too much ? Isn’t it true that what we love so much disappears and only what we care not about stays ? Isn’t it true that the more we give the less we receive ? That the more deeply we care the contrary can be expected of others ? To me this is true.

If I love you as much as I do will you leave, cheat or die ? If I fake caring, act like you are not as important as you are, freeze my heart, will you stay with me ?

It is not you I doubt

  • It is the possibility of being this happy
  • It is the possibility of being loved equally
  • It is me I doubt about

I feel undeserving of such adoration.
Undeserving of such devotion.

Is my heart so closed, so dark that I can’t believe such emotion? Is my heart so rigid that it can’t take flight?

Wishes of light, unburdened, free emotion go through me. My chained heart wants to break free. Will you stay if I love you so deeply ?

Two hearts inside of me

One is yours

The other belongs to me