To my boyfriend, getting married is about making the vows. Not about a priest, a dress and a party.

Yesterday, he said he was marrying me : « I am yours. I will take care of you. You won’t be able to get rid of me. I’ll always be there. » Coming from him, I want to believe it and I knew these words were not to be taken lightly. I said: « I’m yours. I have always been yours. I will take care of you too. I will never forget you even when we have kids, I will always think of you. » He is the « forgotten » one in his family.

He added : « I won’t think about other women. » I laughed. « How can you not think about other women ? ». He said that of course he would look at other women but he won’t think about them. I smiled. I then added that « Even if I had the most handsome Ken in front of me, you are the only one. » We kissed. We are now « married ».