Un ver !! Touche paaaas !!!

DSCN3492Yesterday, we were lying on my bed, reading « Sex Coach » when my cat jumped on the bed and started purring and pawing the covers.

I saw something caught in his fur and wanted to take it out. I looked to see what it was before taking it out and saw it move. Urgh !! My boyfriend wanted to pet the cat, I took it and flew the room. « Don’t touch ! He has something on his coat ! »

I took it out with a kleenex, a worm that was moving, kind of orangey. Bleurk. Small like the worms you find on corpses (on tv). I checked the cat for others and found none. It was gross.

We watched my cat suspiciously all the afternoon. That’s what happens when you let the thing go outside and chase birds, mice and squirrels.