Embarrassant ? Humiliant !

I guess that would be on Halloween night a couple of years ago. I was spending the night with My Sister, her boyfriend, his roommate and a bar full of angels, goblins, rugby players, etc.

The guy tending the bar was a guy my sister used to shag. Since I was spending lots of Friday nights there I knew him just enough to talk with him a bit. My sister had somewhat arranged for me and the roommate to « meet ». The guy was a complete jerk, he was pissed before we even went out. He was so drunk that he fell off his chair. I was so mad at my sister for thinking I would go out with a guy who drinks like a sailor and I was bored so I started talking to people I knew. Like the bartender.

Boy she became upset. She pulled me aside and told me not to talk to him. Well, that’s what I was doing…talking. Nothing more. She started yelling that I wasn’t going to sleep with him, he would use me. I was completely dumbfounded. There was no sex involved or planned. When she was gone, we started talking again and she came back and started to yell at us.

Can I point out that her boyfriend was there ? She was yelling at me in public ?

Eventually, he invited me to a private party. I declined the offer. And I got out of the bar with my very drunk sister, her drunk a lot boyfriend and his out of mind infinitely drunk roommate.

We went to eat a poutine because when you get drunk it’s what you do, you eat grease. And you drink water. Well. The Duchess of Evil raised her ugly head again and came back to me about talking to the guy. Once again I told her I was just talking. I was embarrassed. I just didn’t understand what the hell was so wrong with talking to him. I told her again I had absolutely no intention of having sex with him.

The restaurant was kind of quiet, it was three o’clock in the morning, people were tired. That’s when she told me »If you want to argue over a dick ! »…very loudly. I was humiliated. I had nothing to do with that, with her ugly feelings of propriety over a guy that wasn’t interested in her or me. I didn’t want to have sex with the guy.

There was this silence around us, people were looking at our table. I was mortified, I wanted to cry. I was so shaken, I didn’t understand her anger.

To this day I have not forgiven her for it.

A couple of months after this incident, we were camping with other relatives and her boyfriend. Everyone was enjoying themselves around the campfire when she started telling people how I was a praying mantis, I bit the heads off of guys.

The first time I hadn’t said a thing (my experience told me to shut up when someone drinks and to just shrink away) so I didn’t leave. But at that moment, I rose to my feet. When she yelled at me, asking me where I was going, I told her I didn’t want to hear what she was saying about me. She screamed even louder, « Isn’t it true ? Huh, Princess? »

She came to her feet too and I decided I was leaving for my tent. She followed me and was arguing with me while I was saying I didn’t want to hear her, I wasn’t like she told and I really didn’t appreciate her demeaning me in front of other people. « Oooh, well, how should I talk to you then? »

That’s when I told her I knew her little secrets and I didn’t tell people but I could if she just didn’t shut up. We were away from the campfire, it was quite dark. I knew people could hear her, I was speaking softer than she was. Then she tried to strike me and she fell. I took pity and tried to help her up but she tried to hit me again, screaming that I was a slut, a bitch. I just left and went crying in my tent.

I couldn’t believe how mean she was. I knew she was just projecting her stuff on me but I was humiliated publicly again. What would people think ? She came to my tent and I told her once again that I didn’t like the way she acted, the things she said about me, she knew nothing of my life.

She laughed and treated me like I was stupid for telling her I didn’t like what she was doing. I was crying so much. She left and came back again a few minutes later saying that she was sorry, she didn’t see what the big deal was but…she tried to console me.

It was too late. My heart was broken. She humiliated me in front of other people so many times, she continued in front of my mom and my mom never defended me, her boyfriend never said a thing.

The next morning I came back to Montreal with my cousin who had witnessed the whole thing. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I don’t talk to her anymore. I don’t even go at my parent’s house.