LA date

I was so excited I had to get out of the bus before my stop so I would walk off the nerves. I arrived before him and although he said he might be late, he was on time.

Boy is he handsome. He has humor in his eyes. I just wanted to sneak up next to him and hug. Which I did not.

We talked for hours. Unfortunately I talked more than he did because he was asking questions that I had to develop. But I was feeling that I had all the time in the world to ask him more questions…later. There is definitelty « something » between us. I found it easy to talk and laugh. And his body language told me very clearly he was interested. I wanted to know more and more.

I am interested, very much. But I want to take my time. And it might be a problem for him because he would like to see me more than he can but for me, it’s perfect. He has a five year-old son that he sees when he comes back from his travelling. He travels a lot becasue it’s his job. He would like to have more kids if he finds the right woman but his travelling might make things harder.

I had a great time ! But waiting for him to contact me again is painful. I am afraid he’ll change his mind even if we have lots in common. He wants to go walking this Sunday if it’s not raining. I would like that too.

Tsk. Une chance que j’ai pris mon temps. Un rendez-vous n’est jamais assez pour juger quelqu’un ou les chances de faire un bon couple.