DSCN3500So. My Sister had her baby. 8 pounds and 6 ounces of new life.

Now, everyone expects me to talk to My Sister and be happy to be an aunt. Well, I don’t care about My Sister. She’s a mother but she’s still the same person.

As for being happy about being an aunt…why would I ? It’s her baby. Not mine. I’m glad he was born healthy, I’m glad everyone is excited about the baby. I’m glad my grandma gets to be a great-grandma and that my mom gets to be a grandma. But, me, well, I’m more excited about my friend having a baby.

I don’t love My Sister so I am gald about the baby but it doesn’t mean I’m going to see her. Especially since she is still going to be mean to me. Like she was before and during her pregnancy.

I don’t hate the baby. He’s cute as a button. I bought him a present. I did send stuff to My Sister a few months ago. But that’s it.