J’ai recontré le vrai Père Noël

It turns out that Santa volunteers at the same place I do. Isn’t it cool ? I entered the « mail room » and I gasped, stunned, as I thought « Santaaa?! ». It was him. He is a friend of one of the supervisors and he decided to give a hand with the letters.

I would have thought that after the Christmas letters he would have had enough but no. Hehe. This is the Real Santa (has business cards too), the only Santa affiliated strictly to one shopping centre. The others just wander from one place to the next.

He has a real beard and real white hair, looks solid under his red shirt (he has a blue one underneath) and has a rocky voice. I just wanted to sit in his lap.

I was writing in another room and each time I came into the mail room, I was gaping. He has a nice sense of humor. He even laughed as I was describing my frosting-eating habits I had with an ex-boss. Yeah, some night, I just can’t help but show this side of me (the piggy one).

Since I saw him, well, I’ve been feeling like a 5 year-old again. It seems magic really exists, I can believe again.