Célibataire solitaire

I spent my weekend alone. Fine with it. The only time the phone rang was for a wrong number. The only people I talked to during the weekend were shop owners, people at the Y or the employee who sold me a movie ticket.

I stayed inside during the storm after pilates class. The storm raged, I could hear the snow crip-cripping on the windows flung by a ferocious wind.

On Sunday, after the storm, I went for a long walk. Long and slower than usual. It was bright, windy and white everywhere. Few cars. Lots of people shovelling snow from around their cars and from their front stairs. The neighbour who shovels hasn’t been there for weeks, so I’m the one who pushes the snow aside with my feet. But now there is way too much snow for me to push. I miss a couple of steps from my front stairs.

And people seemed happy. I guess all the snow reminded them of when there used to be just as much winter precipitations. I sure thought of when I was a kid. I have rarely seen so many people smiling while walking. Even a bus driver smiled at me while I was walking.

Since I talked to noone, really, I forgot we were changing the hour and I came to work late !