Changement de numéro de téléphone

I Have changed my phone number after a hacking happened at Bell Canada. A list of confidential phone numbers was stolen and, of course, my number was on that list. I wasn’t surprised but kinda spooked. My phone number has been confidential since I have been living alone. I am careful with my number, my address.

Now that I have this new number schemes of « disappearing » are making their way into my day dreaming. Maybe I could keep the number secret ? Maybe I could move and not give my address and phone number to anyone ? Maybe I will wait for people who really want to call me to write and ask questions about my disconnected phone number ? Maybe I could disappear and totally reinvent myself ? I feel free somehow. My exes will not have this number !! My biodad either. Free from coworkers who could just look it up in the library database. I can’t count on my mom not to give it to My Sister but she won’t call. Free from carpet cleaners ! From insurance companies ! For the moment…