Tadidadida…Each year I plan a little something for Valentine’s day. See a movie, rent movies, buy myself flowers or chocolate. This year, another Valentine’s day I’m going to spend as a Singleton, I want it to be as spectacular as I am (hum).

I don’t think I’ll buy flowers because my favorite stall at the market has moved to a place unknown. Chocolate isn’t a good idea because I eat better (really, I do !!) and I want to cut back on chocolate (very very hard).

Movies sounds boring.

I guess I’ll make a reservation in a restaurant I want to try out for that weekend. I’ll choose somewhere I never went that I want to try out and where I can eat alone without being looked at like a strange bug. I wish I could go with someone but this is going to be my little celebration. I love meeee !! Maybe I’ll try my little sister’s restaurant ? What a great idea ! It costs a lot of money and it is said that it’s a good restaurant, fancy and everything.