Self interview 9

So what’s up ?

A colleague said to me : If you ever want to go to the movies sometime…

That’s fun, right ? Since you basically don’t have much of a social life ?

It’s great ! He’s nice, a lot younger than me and I enjoy his company. He doesn’t have much of a social life either.

You seem excited.

I am.

Doesn’t make you feel like it’s a date ?

A bit…but it’s not because we are not the same age and we’re not each other’s « style ».

So what is your style ?

Tall, my age, brown eyes and hair. Knows how to cook, hot to build or repair things. He HAS to know how to do something except watch hockey or TV series. Brainy. Sexy.

He isn’t any of those things ?

Some of those things…

But ?

I am flirting on Zoosk and I like it. It’s easy, light.

Yeah, Zoosk. Weren’t you suppose to have a date last weekend ?

Hm. He had to work. He works in a bank.

Are you going to see each other ?


What do you know about him ?

He’s my age, brown eyes and brown hair. Latino. Works in a bank.

You don’t know much do you ?

Not really. I find it hard to get to know someone over the net.

But you like it ?

As I said, it’s easier. There is a distance. I don’t fall head over heels for a « net » guy. I wait and see.