Well. I woke up with the remnant of yesterday’s migraine at full blown force. I felt like « morning after » a biiiigg party…I took two Advils liqui-gel and went to Lefebvre et filles to get a dose of humans. The walk there felt great. It snowed a lot yesterday so there were snow banks all over. White light, mild temperature, refreshing wind on my forehead.

While the second Advil was doing its thing, I chatted with someone who made me think that nothing is random. She does the same work I do, her name sounds like mine, she has the same kind of freakish family and the things that happen to her…Let’s just say that I felt like I had met what I could become if I held grudges, never let go of anything and blamed everyone instead of changing some things. Freaaaa-ky.

She is fortysomething but is sick so she looks like a sixtysomething. Just started her therapy paid by work. I couldn’t wait to go away as she was unraveling her life to me. I guess I should have been more distant and not act polite. Had she not said so much I would have stayed there and drink coffee. Instead I put on my tuque, my scarf and coat, paid and went to the library. I stayed there for a while looking at cookbooks and choosing two novels. I walked a bit and went shopping for Chinese food.

It was a nice day. I cooked and watch DVDs. I petted the cat and gave him chicken. Nice, solitary, relaxing. Even with the future double I could be. And that I will NOT be. 🙂