Mets tes orteils dans ma bouche


The Cynical one has said that to me after asking if I had beautiful toes now that I had had a pedicure.

We sat at the same table this morning, a great advantage of going for coffee to a place that has only a few tables. Hmmmm…he asked me if I wanted to sit with him because I had just offered my table to a family that wanted to sit to the table nearest the toilets.

I replied that of course I wanted to, I had hot flashes just thinking about it. I just had to joke around. But the guy just makes me want to make him smile. He can be so inexpressive that every smile is a victory. His question for the day was : Am I reading teen novels because I’m still a teen ? Grumble. I told him he was a twit, no it was just because it’s so damn better than adult novels. But we had a great time talking, looking at the newspaper, arguing a bit about his hair.

I went on Facebook to look at his profile…he was born the day after me on the same year. And damn, he has a tattoo. I don’t want him to cut his hair it gives him a softer look. He looks safer with longer hair, no tattoos, ordinary Plateau artist style. I looked at his Halloween picture just as I had promised and wrote that I wanted to say « Hey sexy but after seeing that picture beurrrrkkkkkweeeeeeee, there is no way I’m going to put my toes in the mouth of such a monster ! »

When he went away, my « adoptive mother » and my « older sister » joked around about him asking me to sit with him. It seems he never does that. But I think it was just fun. After everything that has been happening to me lately, I can’t afford having any ideas. J. has really broken my heart.

I realized that I have a tendency in believing it when guys act like they’re into me and really fall down hard when it turns out I had every reason not to trust them. I don’t want to make future guys pay for those who came before but I just can’t trust everyone. Or any guy lately. So I’m just going to have fun, harmless flirting, with this Cynical One.