Piratage de mes comptes sur internet

Well, it could have been an ordinary weekend after an eventful week. I was very happy to have found a place to volunteer and was looking forward tonight to go on Facebook and Dandelife after a day selling and buying books. But I was flabbergasted to find out that all my major accounts had a change of logins and/or passwords ! Hotmail, Facebook, Dandelife, Google, Blogger, MySpace, Friendster, delicio.us, I had to write to the web sites Help to let them know someone had changed my password.

Then I remembered I can access my work email from home so I tried. I had specified to every web site Help that the only email account I could access was Yahoo. Another weird thing because I access Yahoo almost daily. So why does Yahoo still function and not Hotmail and Google ? Anyway, I opened my work email and I had received an email from my Hotmail account. There was this phrase « Be careful with your passwords Jane ». It was not an official Microsoft or Hotmail email, they don’t have my work email. It came from my email address. And then, after my signature, after the quotes I put there, there was another quote that wasn’t part of my repertoire « Tu mourras seule et dans la souffrance psychologique impensable qu’engendre la solitude ».

This person wrote in English, added a quote in French, wrote to my work address from my personal email address. Thing is…Jane could be Jane Doe or could be she’s addressing me as Jane since Jane is a character from my Dandelife (Rodeo Jane). There was no comma between Jane and the rest of the sentence. There was also a new password but I didn’t know what site it was for (I hadn’t discovered the email came from my own email address yet). When I tried it on Hotmail, it worked. It also worked on Facebook and Blogger. I changed all the passwords I could.But I’m still waiting to hear from the other web sites.

I copied the quote in Google and I got three web sites but only one with the exact phrase. It’s a Sci-fi story writing web site and the quote comes from a very familiar story I could have written. The author is Seby and was born on the same date I was (August 5th). It was very weird to read, it could have been me or My Sister or a strange fiction based on my present life. So I wrote to the author to know if he knew anything about this strange situation.

Then, I searched in Google for saturn777 which is the password I was given (it’s changed now). Turns out there are a couple of people out there that use that as a nickname, a girl who is quite morbid and a 42 year-old guy. I really hope the websites are going to have clues for me because it really looks like quite a book or movie plot.

To hack my computer I would have to be using IM which I don’t (it leaves the door open someone told me) or to have given my passwords which only the technicians have because they updated some stuff lately. This is so strange. This person hasn’t changed a thing I could see. But she deleted everything she sent if she did send something. She didn’t post anything on Dandelife. Puzzling.