So you want to be my friend ?

So I’m losing a friend.

I have very few real friends I can confide in. Very few people I trust. And the one person I can really be myself with, the one person I can talk to and say everything to, and cry in her face and be mad and yell in front of I pay. It’s my therapist, she’s no friend.

And I’m losing one of the very few people I can confide in. I’m sad. But she just made me so mad and hurt me very much and she wants me to understand her but will not understand me. I do understand her and that she didn’t mean to hurt me but it was one time too many. It just pushed me over the edge.


A colleague wants to be my friend and I’m not sure it’s a good idea. He’s male, older, and is attracted to me (he told me and I said no already). I will have to see him only at work, in public so he understands that when we eat together it’s friendly and not a date. I see him more as a father figure than a mate. Eeeeew he’s my mom’s age. Come on. I tried but it fucked me up and I ended crying the whole weekend thinking about bio-dad who never calls and never puts shelves up and is always drunk and ends up fighting in bars.


I could host a TV show : So you want to be my friend ?

I don’t know who would participate but…many go on TV just for the kick and some think they can sing or dance (they can’t and end up making fools of themselves and/or getting a record deal). So why not just for the kick and end up making friends ?

There would be a screening process to eliminate sociopaths and addicts, and people who are wanted by the police and any kind of criminals. There would be an IQ test to make sure people are at least in the high average. There would be kind of a pageant without the beauty contest. People would have to answer questions about themselves, their goals in life and hypothetical situations plus other questions. There would be contests : reading, talent, humor…

People aged between 30 and 40, living in Montreal, no substance abuse problems, no drinking problems, not violent, capable of being a good listener and capable of sharing, able to do activities, with a love of reading and learning and many passions. They would have to demonstrate that they have good values (without putting too much of an accent on the commandments or the seven sins).100_18

Something tells me friends are hard to find, harder to keep. Plus, they just can’t be found on TV and ordered on the phone. I know a lot of people and I’m appreciated and I like a lot of those people. It just doesn’t feel like they’re friends. Being a friend is a big deal.


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  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    moi je t’aime beaucoup 🙂
    Ta pas eu besoin de me commander à la tv haha

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