J’ai été la fille dont le chum s’est fait mené par le nez par une twit

What the heck is going on that people think they have to flirt with people already in relationships ?

I just decided to cut loose a friend of mine because I have had enough of her hormones. She just decided she wanted a guy but he had a girlfriend. Anyway, he broke up with his girlfriend. What is weird is that I met the guy when he was with his previous GF and he flirted with me and last year he did a lot of heavy petting with a friend of my friend… They are together now, him and this supposed friend of mine. She had the nerve to be jealous of me because we talked him and me. Ah.

I was a girlfriend once. I was the one in a relationship with a twit being led away by a flirty, conniving bitch. And I will not be friends with those girls. I was also the sister of the Bitch that kissed my boyfriends. I never trusted her again this Sister. She cheated on her boyfriends a lot. My parents never took my defence against her. Never said a thing. Except that a boyfriend couldn’t get stolen. I guess not but a Sister can do terrible things and a friend can do the same.

If I had a friend that I knew liked to get her teeth in guys that were engaged elsewhere, I would not trust her one bit and I would not present her my BF or my husband. It seems another friend of mine is joking that she might ask out for a date a guy we know. He has a girlfriend and they’ve been going out for three years. She’s kind of easy to influence and colleagues tell her often that her principles are too rigid. So she’s now considering asking him out when two days ago she was not.

What are people thinking ?!