Trop d’information !

A lot of people remember what they were doing on September 11th, 2001. I do too. That’s not what this is all about.

This entry is about all the information I ingested on that day and afterwards and what it did. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the TV, I could not NOT read the newspaper, not listen to the radio. Like everyone else I was glued to any news channel I could find.

When 9/11 happened I was very scared for the women and children here in Quebec and « over there ». I knew they suffer the most when there is a conflict. I was thinking about them being beaten because of what they look like, because of their religion, because the men are not there. I knew there would be rape camps, death, no one to support them. I could see them in my mind. Over all I was right to be scared because even if they didn’t really talk about it in the news some girls and women have been raped in America because of this and some people have been beaten because « they look Arab ». Mass hysteria I guess and sheer stupidity.

I was reading a lot and I read « Les femmes et la guerre » which was enlightening and frightening. I finally suffered from « too much information ». One day, I just looked at a newspaper and my vision went black, my head was spinning and I was short of breath. When I was watching the news I would feel very heavy inside my rib cage and would be sad.

We are in 2007 and I still feel this way, heavy when I watch the news, like everything is falling apart, nothing good is happening. Reading a newspaper makes me anxious, my throat closes. So I stopped reading them except for fashion, cooking, job, movies…No politics, health, etc. I don’t own a TV anymore. I just couldn’t stand it ! Fires, murder, war, rapes…all the time. Plus the shows are all the same. I just rent DVDs instead (well, even my computer is busted now).

I have friends that have two TVs and both are opened on news channels at the same time. I just can’t understand how someone can ingest so much negative energy. They say they’re addicted. I had to stop the madness so I got rid of my TV and I only had four channels…