Rêve au mariage de ma soeur, Ashton Kutcher ?!

I dreamt that I had to assist My Sister in the wedding preparations when I was « dreming » of sitting in a pew, at the back of the church, writing about the guy being an asshole. Or not go at all.

I was with a guy who seemed to like me enough when I discovered he was still in love with his ex he was supposed to marry. The guy hesitated a lot.

He didn’t love me but was thinking of doing « the right thing ».

The fucked up girl was My Sister. She realized he was still thinking about her when she saw his house and on one side there was something written in red and in blue on the other side.

I didn’t even know he had been with her, I thought he had met someone new. He was tirtured, locked in his room, I was dumbfounded.

I went back at my parent’s where I ate chocolate on the couch (my own couch I think, my sitting room).

I hear my sister scream loudly at me. I don’t respond. She arrives, her boots full of snow, she gives me chocolate and asks me to help her. I get up and go to the kitchen and look at the answering machine. There is no message. She says : « He hasn’t even called you? »

« No » I say. « It’s looking bad for your love life ».

Then when I see myself at the back of the church wearing a t-shirt and jeans, loudly clickling on my laptop, I am on a street that looks like St-Hubert picking up my Sister’s wedding gown.

I am wearing a white outfit, jacket and pants, a cup of coffee in my hand. Her gown fits into a small box in my left hand. I walk in front of a closed shop and enter in a less traditional shop. I decided to see if she hasn’t put anything else aside. The shop owner is Ashton Kutcher.

He calls My Sister to talk about a deposit.

I wake up because the wind makes lots of noise and I have to pee.