Saint-Valentin 2007

It was the worse mistake I made with that guy. Once again I just wouldn’t listen to my sixth sense. I knew it wasn’t a good idea but I wanted to break this gently so we celebrated our parting by celebrating valentine’s day together in a hotel.

That guy never listens to a thing I say. I had to refrain him, he just wanted to shag ! It could have been funny and in a sense it was. I said to myself it was the last time we were together like this so I might as well have fun and we did.

But the next morning he wasn’t taking no for a answer and I had to fight him off more than once, he even bit me the dog ! I had a mark for at least two weeks, his teeth on my thigh. I felt so shocked he went to this extent, I trembled and didn’t want him to touch me again. It hurt me like hell.