Dream about flying and water

No date so I assume it was on the same night as the other one. I can’t remember dreaming about flying in years before this dream. When I had my depression, I just stopped flying or bouncing in my dreams.

I am flying over buildings and cities. It’s my job. Every 21 days, we have loops linked together with cords and transmission towers (for electricity) depending on the level.

I am flying with my little sister and my parents.

At the start of the dream, I start flying on a horse. I can fly alone and the horse joins me. The air is saturated, « wavy ».

The part where I fly with my parents is windy, there is a lot of water. On one of my 21st day flight, I can barely fly, there is too much water.

« Ça a pas de bon sang! » I say. It doesn’t make sense.

Everyone is jammed.

Then I learn that E. can’t even take her break on the right floor. She could drown.

I’m flying and it’s so windy that I can’t get back down. I’m close to the building’s roof but I’m jammed, Ican’t move. My loops are yellow.

There are also pink and mauve loops.

I woke up because I was too hot. I selp with a big sweater. And I have to pee.