Mon premier soutien-gorge

I was the only girl in my clss without a bra ! And I didn’t have boobs either. So unfair. I begged my mom for a bra and she wouldn’t buy one for me because I was boobless. I begged and begged but to no avail.

So I was reduced to acting like I had one on : replacing my invisible bra straps, adjusting the invisible elastic in the back and rolling my shoulders because « I wasn’t used to wearing a bra but I did wear one ».

I guess my Grandma took pity on me. She went bra shopping with me and we found this little number with a bit of lace that looked like a bikini top for little girls, it was an AA. All white cotton.

I was so happy !! When girls at school ridiculed me I showed them my new bra strap and they were…impressed. I was still flat-chested but I HAD A BRAAAAAA !!!